This error (MigrationPermanentException: We had trouble signing in to this account. Please confirm that you‎’re using the correct user name and password.) can give you a real headache because the guide from Microsoft is easy to follow and things should’nt go wrong (normally). We’ve got this error for only 1 user while migrating a couple of users from Gmail to Office 365. I have read a lot of blogs saying the same thing and this is as follows:

  • Verify your .CSV file is correct with the three standard columns
  • Verify your app password

We’ve resetted the password a few times and created a new password after setting up two way auth again but this didn’t solve the problem. My issue was related to a Gmail setting that the specific user had disabled.


1. Go to the Gmail site using the users credentials

2. Go to settings

3. Click on the POP/IMAP tab

4. Enable IMAP for this mailbox
4a. it can take 1 hour before this setting is active


  • Hi!

    You can also get the same error if the setting “Allow less secure apps” is disabled on the specific account.
    This was the case for me, about 30 accounts had that setting disabled.
    If this setting is disabled, you will get an email from gmail, notifying that an app tried to access your account.


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