How to use ULSViewer for SharePoint 2010

December 20, 2011By Maarten PeetersSharePoint No Comments

ULSviewer.exe is the perfect tool to monitor ULS logs. By applying filters on the ULS logs you can view the error that has occurred. ULSViewer.exe can be downloaded at In this blog I show a way to identifiy correlation ID’s Open ULSViewer Click on ‘File -> Open From –> ULS Select the location where … Read More

SharePoint Storage Manager – Storman.aspx

December 20, 2011By Maarten PeetersSharePoint No Comments

Storman.aspx was a feature in SharePoint installations but it was not implemented in the RTM version of SharePoint 2010. Service Pack 1 implements StorMan.aspx again for site collections. StorMan.aspx can be used for the management of documents size and pagesize. You can see the pages and documents which require the most disk space in SharePoint … Read More

Restore Site Collection with SharePoint 2010 SP1

September 12, 2011By Maarten PeetersPowerShell, SharePoint No Comments

1. With the new Service Pack for SharePoint 2010 it’s now made possible to restore site collections when they are accidentally deleted. Microsoft installed some PowerShell commands during the installation of Service Pack 1. Example: SPDeletedSite. 2. An administrator deleted a site collection in the next scenario. The URL for this site is Start … Read More