Get Office 365 inactive users using the audit log with PowerShell

September 18, 2019By Maarten PeetersAzure Active Directory, Office 365, PowerShell No Comments

Most blogs regarding the retrieval of inactive users are using the mailbox statistics to get the last logon time. Retrieving the mailbox statistics is a fast solution but it will not retrieve users that don’t have a mailbox like admin accounts or external accounts. This script will retrieve the audit data for each user and … Read More

Create SharePoint service accounts with PowerShell

July 30, 2018By Maarten PeetersActive Directory, PowerShell, SharePoint No Comments

There are a few of these scripts around to create SharePoint service accounts with PowerShell but I decided to create a new one as SharePoint 2019 is coming with a bit more functionality and error handling. A good blog about the different service accounts needed can be found at The general recommendation in this … Read More